Tools for Cyber Security

As I write useful tools, I will post them on this page.


Ever wish you could check Active Directory against HaveIBeenPwned?  With this announcement:, it is now possible.  I built a simple tool to compare your AD environment against the NTLM hash download from HIBP… you can view the source code here:, or download the pre-compiled installer from here:


I am still working on this project and will post more once it’s done; but, this open source project is designed to help identify and stop tech support scams as they are happening.  Follow along with my progress here:


Malwarebytes log cleanup: I love Malwarebytes – I think they are one of the best AntiMalware programs out there for consumers, and a good add-on for enterprise users.  The problem is that sometimes the logs can get out of hand.  A feature request was made to add an option to delete old logs after awhile, but it was never implemented.    I decided to implement my own:  (Pre-compiled exe here)


If you find any useful tools here, just a heads up that I do have a donation page.  😉  (No pressure though)